• Individual Consultation for Professionals
    Robbyn provides individual consultation to psychotherapists on a scheduled or as-needed basis.
  • Group Consultation for Professionals
    She also provides group consultation up to 6 people per group.

Current Consultation Groups

Responding to Children with Early Trauma from a NeuroSequential Perspective


Using a neurosequential lens, we will understand and respond to:

  • aggression
  • anxiety
  • hyperactivity, and
  • chronic irritability

These are “stress behaviors” or even “biological rudeness.” We will sort out and respond to the underlying meaning of these behaviors not only through interventions targeting cognition and emotion, but also interventions that respond directly to lower brain functioning and primary attachment.

Children who have experienced early trauma or neglect may struggle with self regulation, and especially co-regulation and may not respond well to traditional therapeutic interventions. This group will seek to understand a child’s behavior from a neurosequential perspective. We will consider the child’s neurodevelopment from the bottom up, looking first to the nervous system, sensory processing and lower brain mediated functioning that influences how a child feels in their body and perceives their world.

Delays in lower brain development, or asynchronous development, influence the child’s ability to regulate emotion, manage social interaction, and experience empathy and connection. When these lower brain functions are understood and supported, the child’s capacity for connection, empathy, engagement, and curiosity can come more fully on line.

To join a consultation group, please contact me.