Do you find dreams intriguing and wish you better understood them?


and connect to the vitality and genius that is inherently yours!

The dreamworld is a mysterious, perplexing, and illuminating place! Who are these animated creatures and what are they bringing to us? There is so much wisdom and vitality in the dream that can help us connect to our own creativity and genius. Dream can build our capacity to meet life from an enlivened place.

And with so much happening in the world right now, dreams can help us feel more deeply connected to life and to the heart, helping us act in the world in meaningful and helpful ways.

Join our community and strengthen your relationship with the regenerative and enlivened nature of



Join Robbyn and Leslie Ellis, PhD ONLINE

Now taking applications for FALL cohort 2022

This program is a deep dive into the world of dreams, and a clear path to learning how to engage yourself and guide others in embodied experiential dreamwork practices. 

Classes will begin in September and run monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August and December)

Time: 9:30am – 12:00 PT

This is program is a 10 half-day program that includes Q/A and dreamwork practice and demo sessions. Additionally, it includes access to an extensive training library on nightmares, self guided imagery, how to work with dreams of others. 25 CE credits available, including 3 CE Ethics, and 2 Cultural Competency


PORTLAND in-person Dream Group

Join a small dream group here in Portland, OR. Join community in Robbyn’s garden and on her heated porch space that welcomes us to be outside together year-round!

The dream group will begin in October and run monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month (except July and December).

Register early as class is limited to 8 participants!

TIME: Begins at 9:30am

$75 per session

This dream group is an opportunity to tend dreams with Robbyn in an intimate group setting.

To join, please contact Robbyn using the contact form below. Looking forward to seeing you this fall!

Sketching workshop

Responding to Dream in the way of Dream

Join Robbyn ONLINE

Would you like to learn to sketch a dream image in order to feel closer to it? Join Robbyn for a playful few hours of learning to doodle and engage in the practice of observation and response!

9:30am-Noon PT


Robbyn is an early childhood trauma specialist and psychotherapist, a leading activist in ending corporal punishment in the United States, a positive parenting educator, a published researcher, and a certified trainer in the neurosequential model of therapeutics. She has studied Jungian psychology with the North Pacific Institute of Analytical Psychology and is currently studying dreamtending with Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Robbyn is a blessed mother and grandmother. She is an eclectic artist who is madly love with the beauty of life, enjoying stained glass, knitting, piano, jazz singing, gardening, cooking, bread making, sketching, sewing, home renovation, furniture painting, charcoal sketching and felt pin marker doodling! She is currently studying fashion design with the Portland Fashion Institute.

Once we reawaken our aesthetic sense and are not anesthetized by all the distractions, we can appreciate the beauty in the world… and realize that our job on the Earth is to fall in love with it. Not just to love it, but to fall in love with it. And you only fall in love with it, if you’re aesthetically alive to it.

James Hillman